Common Questions for English Stix

Custom Slates

How do I submit a custom order request?

Visit our Custom Slate Order page and fill out the online request form.

How long does a custom slate order take?

After receiving the online request form, please allow 1-2 business days to receive a formal estimate. Once we receieve a Purchase Order or payment authorization, our design team will render a layout for your approval within 1-2 days typically. Production turnaround is usually between 3-5 business days once layouts are approved.

Please allow between 5-8 business days for the full process from request to shipment.

What if I need my slates tomorrow?

Unfortunatley due to the process involved with production of the slates we can not offer a next day turnaround. Most turnarounds are delayed by Purchase Order approvals or artwork resolution issues. If you think you may need to make order changes later, no problem. The best thing is to get a prelim approval going. 

Let us know your start date and we will try everything possible to reschedule orders so that we can help meet your timeline.

We prioritize orders often by start date and those that give adequate time for the process.

Rush fees can apply for 2-3 day processing depending on our current order processing list.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Only custom Micro Keychain slates have an order minimum of 10 pieces. 

Do I need artwork?

Not at all. We have access to thousands of images, textures, and backgrounds that can help enhance or even create a title logo for your show.

Feel free to browse available font websites to choose one that works best for you. Send over any details or ideas that you have.

Remember that although we pride ourselves in the unique designs we create, English Stix is not a graphic design house and we are limited in resources, time, and customizations when starting from scratch.

Be sure to check out The Reel for a sample of our work!


What type of artwork is best?

Please request high resolution artwork from your Art Department. Preferable formats are PDF, EPS, TIF, AI, PSD, or HighRes JPEG (11″ width at 300dpi).

If creating your own layout, we require a layered psd or ai file as we often need to arrange for the different aspect ratios of slate types and bleed/cut margins.

Often times smaller files can work but remember that print and web based image formats are inherently different. What may look good on your web browser may not print well.

We do not take responsibility for print color accuracy as many monitors can appear differently to each other. We use professional printers and calibrated monitors to help ensure accuracy with our product.

When do I see my proof?

Due to the demand and our resources in place, we unfortunately can not generate layout proofs until we have received a production commitment via purchase order or payment confirmation. Cancellations are subject to the setup cost.

Layouts typically are rendered for approval within 1-2 business days. Edits can be made as needed but depending on staffing and order timelines, turnaround can take up to a day or so. We apprecitate your specific comments on edits so that we can process the order as quickly as possible. There is no charge for additional edits of a layout.

What if I want to just add my company logo or name to a generic slate?

No Problem. Send us an email request with the type of slate and logo. Please provide a vector artwork file if possible and rememeber that final artwork will need to be monochromatic (we can do this for you).

If the logo has intricate detail, it may not be able to be engraved. Orders are subject to a reduced setup cost and logo engraving charge ($5-$15), plus the cost of the generic item.

We can also add Production Titles and Names with standard fonts for a small charge.

We can not change the layout as we batch run generic slates and thus the cost is reduced for our customers. If you want to add info boxes, larger logos, or specific text, inquire about a full custom slate order.


Do I have to pay a design fee if I provide the layout?

Yes, but it can be reduced. The design and setup fee is used to transfer your artwork into our system and apply to the layouts. It also includes the cost of materials in our own test proofing and printing.

If creating your own layout, we require a layered psd or ai file as we often need to arrange for the different aspect ratios of slate types and bleed/cut margins. If this is not possible, please provide each element individually or the title logo seperate from any background imagery.

Setup discounts are based on artwork flexibilty, properly formated files, and providing font type files (OTF, TTF, etc) if needed. See our prefered artwork type list above for more info.

Email us the artwork or send via Dropbox or We Transfer if too large.

How do I send Artwork?

There is an upload link in the Order Request Form.

File to large? Email us the artwork or send via Dropbox or We Transfer.

I need to add to my online order?

Send us an email with your request and original order details and we can send a payment link for the additional items. info@englishstix.com


How long will my online order take?

Online orders are usually processed within 1-3 business days. Shipping timelines at checkout are exclusive of processing times.

Can I pick up if I live in Los Angeles?

Custom orders can be made available for local pickup. Online store items must be shipped out. Email us if you have questions.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all over the world! We use Fedex as our main international carrier but we can make arrangements with your courier if need be. Domestic and Canadian shipments default to USPS.

Most production orders provide a Fedex Account or Courier to handle international shipments at reduced cost.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@englishstix.com